imagen del sector de carga de mercadería de la empresa Fabritam, donde se encuentra un montacargas cargando mercadería en un camión


Fabritam was founded in 1963, and it has been in constant development and continuous expansion in order to offer the best packaging solution. Fabritam was born as a 200-Lt-drum manufacturer and it has widened its range of products to meet its customers´needs.

It manufactures conical and cylindrical containers from 1 to 230 Lt., made in metal sheets, tin plate and plastic offering different exterior decoration options (painting, lithography, off-set, serigraphy, in mold label and self-adhesive).

It also manufactures an important number of special containers, of different capacities, developed at the customers´ request for all kinds of products.

FABRITAM great value lies in its human team, a 45-year -family company having experience and knowledge in the market, with young professionals in each sector and business unit, who are able to provide integral service, adjusting both production and kind of container to the customers´needs.

For such purpose, Fabritam has high production automatic lines and semi-automatic lines in order to provide especially required models of diameter and high.

FABRITAM has its own exclusive logistics system to carry different kinds of containers, palletized or not. Said system allows containers to get to destination throughout the country properly conditioned in due time and form.

Fabritam quality management system has been certified since 1998 complying with ISO Standard ISO 9001, and it has containers approved by the United Nations to carry hazardous goods.

It has 3 manufacturing plants in the City of Buenos Aires with 41.000 square meters, and 34.000 square meters, in which indoor production lines have been installed for the manufacturing of tins, metal pails, metal drums, plastic pails and plastic drums.

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